ADMIN: Draf agenda for July 25 telecon

Apologies, won't be able to get full agenda out until late tonight - 
here is draft agenda:

Telecon July 25 Web Ontology Working Group

1 - Admin:
  Minutes of last meeting @@

  Action review @@
  scribe - Obrst

  f2f4  update (Jeremy)
  f2f5 update  (REMEMBER BIDS DUE BY THURS.)
    Bids: U. Manchester
          US NY region (IBM)
          US DC region (DARPA/UMCP/UMBC - not confirmed)
          US FL region (U W. Fl)
   straw poll to be held
    date: Mid Jan (poss late Dec)

2 - document update
  Status of three WDs
   Features - Deb
   Reference - Mike
   Abst Syntax - Peter
    Process issues (if any) - Dan

3 - Proposal to close issues 3.4 and 4.1
	(UniqueProperty and UnambiguousProperty)

4 - Proposal to close issue 2.4  (oneOf)
   Discussed several meetings ago, discussion was expected in email, 
there was none,  Propose we return and close (accepting this much 
used feature)

5 - Proposal to close issue 4.6 (equivalentTo)

6 -    Opening of issue 5.20 ( Should OWL provide synonyms for RDF 
and RDFS objects?)
     Peter P-S to explain issue and invite email discussion

7 - AOB
   next telecon
   next scribe

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Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab.	  301-405-6707 (Fax)
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