RE: Bristol face2face, October

hi all

another way to get from bristol city centre to HP is:

-train from Bristol Temple Meads (city centre) to Bristol Parkway (near HP)
-taxi to HP

this is always cheaper, and frequently quicker, than the taxi all the way


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> That depends on whether I have to walk to the city center, and whether
> there is any life around HP.  :-)  I don't mind taking public
> transportation to get to HP, or to get to the city center.

Hi Peter,

Bristol city centre is about a 20-30 minute drve from HPL; there are
buses, though they can take a while to meander the whole route. Taxis
cost about 10-15 UKP each way. THere's not a lot around HPL within
walking distance apart from the minstry of defence and a large
supermarket, although there are nice pubs a short drive away in the

Bristol city centre has a whole bunch of restaurants and pubs as you'd
expect, and it quite compact to walk around or take short taxi rides.

I would think its more fun to stay in town and get shared taxis to HPL
for the meetings. But it depends on the amount of time you have to look
around, and equally you could do it the other way around.


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