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thanks - of course i am prejudiced  but i like the wines for a few reasons -

- it has been used for over a decade to explain description logics from the 1991
how and when to use a description logic system [1]

- it is the basis of a tutorial on description logics with 6 assignments for
lisp classic [2] and neo classic [3],  this is aimed at college or low level
graduate students

- it is the basis of a tutorial on how to do ontological modeling (more aimed at
protege than other systems but the paper attempted to be generic.  the paper is
"ontology 101" ) [4]

- i and a few colleagues have just used it to do another very simple intro by
example to daml+oil  (in final copy editing stages - i can post a link in
probably a week)

also, i can probably come up with "naturally occuring" examples in wines to
cover most examples we might want to show off.... and then again... it may
provide a reason for us all to go wine tasting to extend the ontology :-)

[2]  and


"Smith, Michael K" wrote:

> The following members of the WG have volunteered to work on the Guide
> document with me.
>           Deborah McGuinness
>           Raphael Volz
>           Chris Welty
>           Lynn Andrea Stein (depending on scheduling)
> Attached is a skeleton Guide document with an outline and some preliminary
> text, including sentence fragments and bits of OWL. Plus quite a few open
> spaces.
> I have also attached a modified version of Deb's wine ontology. Unless
> someone has a better unifying ontology to offer I suggest we try to pick
> examples out of it.  If necessary we can add to it in order to create a
> single ontology with the coverage we need.
> I lifted the text on datatypes from the 'Annotated DAML+OIL Ontology Markup'
> document' (highlighted in pink).  We should modify it to fit the oenophilic
> ontology.
> So, I'm looking for feedback on the outline, corrections on the sample
> ontology, and volunteers to write vast sections (with date commitments).
> We need to have a reasonable draft ready by the end of August.
> - Mike
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