GUIDE: First steps

The following members of the WG have volunteered to work on the Guide
document with me.

      	  Deborah McGuinness
      	  Raphael Volz
      	  Chris Welty
      	  Lynn Andrea Stein (depending on scheduling)

Attached is a skeleton Guide document with an outline and some preliminary
text, including sentence fragments and bits of OWL. Plus quite a few open

I have also attached a modified version of Deb's wine ontology. Unless
someone has a better unifying ontology to offer I suggest we try to pick
examples out of it.  If necessary we can add to it in order to create a
single ontology with the coverage we need.

I lifted the text on datatypes from the 'Annotated DAML+OIL Ontology Markup'
document' (highlighted in pink).  We should modify it to fit the oenophilic

So, I'm looking for feedback on the outline, corrections on the sample
ontology, and volunteers to write vast sections (with date commitments). 

We need to have a reasonable draft ready by the end of August.

- Mike

 <<Guide.html>>  <<wines.owl>> 
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