TEST - implementation report (oops)

Oops - I suspect that message would have far more impact if I 
included the pointer -- it is

[1] http://www.w3.org/Signature/2002/02/01-exc-c14n-interop.html

At 7:29 PM -0400 7/18/02, Jim Hendler wrote:
>All -
>  I was looking for an example of an implementation report of the 
>kind that is needed for a WD to become a recommendation.  [1] is a 
>recently released one from the XML Canonicalization Rec - and I 
>thought I would point it to you as an example of the sort of 
>document we will eventually need to prepare -- perhaps we should 
>have a couple of people from the test or methodology group starting 
>to think about how we might collect and develop this sort of info 
>over the next few months
>  -JH

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