RE: Bristol face2face, October

From: "Jeremy Carroll" <>
Subject: RE: Bristol face2face, October
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 12:35:37 +0100

> I was hoping for some feedback from those three group members who have had
> recent experience of one hotel in Bristol ...
> Jos, Mike, Pat - was the Holiday Inn OK?
> For people in Peter's position there is also the answerable question:
> - do you prefer to be walking distance from HP or walking distance from the city
> centre?

That depends on whether I have to walk to the city center, and whether
there is any life around HP.  :-)  I don't mind taking public
transportation to get to HP, or to get to the city center.

> As to the prices, I believe I can get an "HP rate" for everyone, but I don't
> pretend that that will be necessarily the best deal. Maybe Lucent's buyers are
> tougher than HP's!

Actually the cheap rates at the Holiday Inn were leisure rates, not any
corporate discount.  I see this as another travel trend - corporate rates
are now often much more expensive than the discounted leisure rates.
However, corporate rates are constant, while the leisure rates fluctuate

> Jeremy

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