SEM: discussions concerning model theory (Re: ADMIN: draft ftf meeting record)

The records of the recent F2F (

  SCHED[U]LING NOTE: the model theory should be available for release
  after the Bristol ftf. This means a draft should be available by Sep 1.  

If a draft of the model theory is going to be ready by this date, then
there will have to be some serious discussion concerning the model theory
and related issues very soon now.  It appears that there are deep
differences of opinion on some fundamental aspects of OWL that
significantly impact the model theory, so it may not even be possible to
conclude discussions even if we start now.  

However, I'm willing to devote significant effort to these discussions in
the hope that some progress can be made.  Who else is willing to put
significant effort into these discussions over the next few weeks?

I've made quite a number of proposals and comments in this area over the
last six months.  Thus probably someone else should either respond or put
forward new proposals or discussions instead of me reiterating my
positions.  Who wants to continue an existing discussion or start a new

Peter F. Patel-Schneider
Bell Labs Research

Received on Tuesday, 16 July 2002 13:05:32 UTC