Re: do we really need two languages/levels? [Issue 5.2]


I am really extremely ambivalent about having a "lite" version of OWL. 
Personally I have no interest in it, and see little value in it, but I 
understand the "cheap admission" argument for implementors.

That said, I keep hearing this argument, over and over again:

"I think X should be in the lite version because I use it all the time."

If you use a feature, all the time or not, that is not in OWL-lite, then 
use heavy OWL.  "Removing" a feature from OWL-lite is not removing it from 

But even more silly than that statement is Dan's recent:
"[I don't think there should be an OWL-lite] ... [but] ... [I think 
disjoint-with should be in it]"

Those of us who don't really see the value of the lite version of the 
language probably shouldn't be commenting on what should be in it.


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