Re: defaults

From: Jim Hendler <>
Subject: Re: defaults
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:20:27 -0500


> Peter - this is because you're thinking as a logician, not a 
> programmer.  

Well if I was thinking like a programmer, I would be even more dissatisfied
with ``randomly chooses one of the frames to inherit the slot from''.


> The IDO 
> inheritance, which you refer to above, has no tie breaking rule - so 
> in the VERY unlikely case of a perfect tie by that heuristic, we 
> would flip a coin.  

Hmm, very unlikely?  Not by my metrics.  My understanding is that

        Student => Person
        Employee => Person
	Student - employmentCategory -> notWorking
	Employee - employmentCategory -> working
	John -> Student
	John -> Employee

is a perfect tie by that heuristic, as is the Nixon diamond.



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