Re: Possible OWL trademark problem?

Interesting - ontology works has one of jim's past students or collaborators in
it - bill anderson.
jim - maybe you can ask bill if we need to get permission for the use of the
name owl from them.

i also found another owl system:
an AI knowledge capture and instruction system developed at mitre - it stands
for organization wide learning but if we care about copyrights or trademarks
and mitre has done either, it is probably close enough to matter.


Nick Gibbins wrote:

> One of my work colleagues came across the website for a company called
> Ontology Works Inc. [1] who appear to be claiming a trademark on
> "Ontology Works Language" (and possibly also the acronym "OWL"), as
> used in a white paper on their site[2].
> I've not been able to find either on the USPTO's public search
> facility (so they're probably not registered or pending
> registration). Is this something that this WG needs to be aware of?
> [1]
> [2]
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