Re: Original Slides from General Requirements Group

Jeff Heflin wrote:

> Here are the slides (in PDF format) about General Requirements that I
> presented at the face-to-face meeting on Monday 1/14. The slides posted
> by Deborah McGuinness on Wednesday were based on these slides, but also
> include feedback from the breakout session on Tuesday. They appear to
> contain all of the material from thie original slides,

yes - just for the record - nothing was deleted from the original set of
slides that jeff gave on our requirements group.  I moderated the breakout
session and dynamically updated the slides in that meeting and then did a
little cleanup (like attempting to get all the names of the input group for
recording) afterwards to the presentation.

> but for the sake
> of having a complete record of the meeting, I am providing the originals
> as well.
> Jeff Heflin
> Lehigh University
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