ADMIN: f2f reading list

WOWG members-
  As Dan C mentioned in an earlier email (... 2002Jan/0067.html), we 
have prepared a reading list for the WOWG meeting [1].  Even if you 
are not attending the f2f, please read the cited documents and feel 
free to send comments to the authors.
  -Jim H.
p.s.  Stefan Decker has promised to submit his use case document 
today, we will add a pointer as soon as it is posted )


Text version - see web page for URIs

Preparation: Drafts for Review

     * The four use case documents:
          1. Use cases on collection management
             (Submitted by Guus Shreiber)
          2. Content Interoperability Use Case final draft
             (Submitted by Leo Obrst)
          3. [Stefan Decker promises to submit use case for web 
services to Webont mailing list by 1/9/02]
          4. General Requirements document
             (Submitted by Jeff Heflin)
     * A set of documents relating to how OWL and RDF may be "layered":
       In an email to Webont from Peter Patel-Schneider
       pointers are provided to 4 documents - (i) Pat Hayes' model 
theory for RDF, (ii) the DAML+OIL model theory, (iii) an attachment 
that contains an RDF-compatible OWL definition, and (iv) an 
attachment with a different proposal for RDF compatibility.
     * Read ahead for DAML+OIL Technical discussion
       (submitted by Ian Horrocks)
     * Read ahead for DAML+OIL Issues and Experiences
       (submitted by Mike Dean)

In addition, it is recommended to review the Working Group Charter 
and the various background references from the working group web page.

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