Introduction: Jonathan Borden

Hello all.

I am a practicing neurosurgeon on the faculty at Tufts University-New
England Medical Center in Boston, where among other activities I direct the
Boston Gamma Knife Center. I basically spend much of my day performing brain
operations at various computer graphics workstations.

I have had a long interest in AI and computational neuroscience, using graph
description languages to model brain networks. More recently I have been
involved in XML, developing some XML telemedicine applications, integrating
XML with email etc. I have a particular interest in XML namespaces. I am an
editor of the RDDL specification.

I serve as the ASTM E31 Electronic Healthcare Records subcommittee chair,
having developed XML standards for medical records. I am the director of the
Open Healthcare Group which has developed open source software for medical

My current interests lie in the area of data mining electronic healthcare
information, integration of disparate healthcare namespaces and the
automation of clinical medical processes. The development of web ontologies
is critical to this activity. One of my main goals is to ensure that OWL
will be relevent to the healthcare processes and information. I wish to
ensure OWL is well integrated with the wider range of XML specifications in
order that it will achieve its maximal impact. I also expect to learn alot
about DL, inferencing etc.

I look forward to participating.

Jonathan Borden, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Tufts-New England Medical Center
Boston MA
+1.617.636.7597 (fax)

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