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Registration for KR2002 - Knowledge Representation Conference

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider <pfps@research.bell-labs.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 10:03:15 -0500
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Registration for KR-2002, the Eighth International Conference on Principles 
of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, is now available.  No paper
registration brochure will be distributed; all publicity is being handled
via electronic mail and the world-wide web.  For more information on the
conference itself, see the conference web site at


To register for KR2002 and/or the affiliated workshops, please use the
electronic registration form if possible, available at 


When you finish completing the electronic registration form, you will have
to submit it.  After a few seconds, you should then see on your browser
window a form with all the details you have entered. If you are pleased
with them, print the form, sign it, fill in your credit card details if
appropriate and return it by fax (or post). Otherwise, go back to the
electronic registration form and modify it.

If you cannot use the electronic form, please print the
Postscript file at 


(also attached to the original version of this email message)
fill in the paper form, sign it and return it by fax or post.

All forms should be faxed or sent, preferably before March 15, 2002, to: 

	Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
	Universite Paul Sabatier
	118 route de Narbonne
	F - 31062 Toulouse Cedex 4
	Fax: (33 5) 61 55 88 98

The registration form can be used to register for the main KR2002 conference
(with reduced rate for those attending AIPS), and the affiliated workshops:

NMR2002: Nineth International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning (April 19-21)

DL2002: 2002 International Workshop on Description Logics (April 19-21)

SEMWEB: Workshop on Formal Ontology, Knowledge Representation and
		Intelligent Systems for the World Wide Web (April 19-20)

CollECTeR (Europe): Conference on Electronic Commerce (April 20)

LABS: Workshop on Logics for Agent-Based Systems (April 21)

KRDB2002: Nineth International Workshop on Knowledge Representation meets
		Databases (April 21)

	KR2002 Main conference

There is an early registration fee of 350 euro (150 euro for students) for
the main conference. This registration gives access to the main conference,
on April 22 to 25 (with a copy of the proceedings), the City Hall reception
on April 22 evening, and coffee breaks during the conference.  Students
must send a legible proof of full-time student status with their
registration form.  We will charge an extra 100 euro (30 euro for students)
for late registrations faxed or sent after March 15, 2002.

Because KR2002 finishes on the day when AIPS2002 starts, there is a rebate
of 50 euro (30 euro for students) for people attending both KR2002 and
AIPS2002.  If you will attend AIPS2002, check the appropriate box on the
KR2002 registration form. Note that you cannot register for AIPS2002 with
this form (registrations for AIPS2002 can only be made via


People who register for KR2002 but not AIPS2002 can still have lunch with
the AIPS2002 participants on the last day of KR2002 (April 25), at the
price of 30 euro. If you wish to do so, you must indicate it on the
registration form.  The main conference banquet will be on April 24, at the
price of 70 euro per person.

				Regular	Student

KR2002 Registration		350	150
Late registration penalty	100	 30
AIPS rebate			-50	-30
Banquet				 70	 70
AIPS lunch on April 25		 30	 30

	Affiliated Workshops

Note that you can attend the workshops even if you do not attend the main
conference. If you do attend the main conference, you will get a rebate for
each workshop you attend.  Registration to each of the workshops gives
access to the workshop (with a copy of the proceedings of the workshop),
and coffee breaks during the workshop.

The DL2002 workshop is on invitation only: make sure that you can attend
the workshop before you select it on the electronic registration form (if
in doubt, contact the organizers through http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/dl2002/).

There are late registration penalties for NMR2002 and DL2002: registrations
sent after March 15, 2002 will be charged an extra 30 euro for each of
these two workshops.

The following workshops will organize banquets:
NMR2002, (probably) on Saturday, April 20, price: 40 euro per person;
DL2002, on Saturday, April 20, price included in the registration
	fee (40 euro per accompanying person);
SEMWEB, on Friday, April 19, price: 40 euro per person.

		   NMR2002	DL2002	SEMWEB	Coll-	LABS	KRDB2002
		Reg.	Stu.			ECTeR

Workshop fee	180	130	120	100	 50	 50	 50
Late penalty	 30	 30	 30	
Rebate with KR	-50	-30	-10	-10	-10	-10	-10
Banquet		 40	 40	  0	 40

	Means of Payment

Payment is to be made without charges to the beneficiary, to the order of
ADERMIP.  For details see the registration forms.  Credit card payments are
subject to a 1.05% transaction charge.  You will receive an electronic
confirmation when we receive your registration form, and a receipt when
your payment has arrived (this receipt is in fact an invoice, or "facture"
in french, but it should have the word "paye" on it, meaning that it has
already been payed).

Transport, accommodation, and meals are not included in the registration
fees, except for the banquet included in the DL2002 registration fee.  If
you select the AIPS lunch on April 25 on the electronic registration form,
then the price is included in the total indicated on the form.

Note: The information that you will provide on the electronic registration
form will also be used to produce conference-related items like badges, an
alias to e-mail last-minute information, etc...  NO credit card related
information is asked for on the electronic form. This database will only be
kept as long as it is needed for KR2002.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Toulouse. If you have a query, please
send a message to the KR2002 organizing committee at kr02@irit.fr

Peter F. Patel-Schneider
KR2002 Publicity Chair

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