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Fwd: Call for participation for the W3C workshop on delivery context

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 12:12:27 -0500
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I believe some of the members of our group may be interested in this.

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>Subject: Call for participation for the W3C workshop on delivery context
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>Dear all.
>My name is Taka chairing the W3C Device Independence
>working group. I would like ask you to participate in the W3C
>workshop on delivery context.
>I am sending this e-mail to W3C WGs which are related
>to the delivery context work we believe.
>As the reach of the Web extends to devices beyond the traditional PC,
>providing a satisfactory user experience hinges upon the ability to
>and effectively leverage the various characteristics that describe the
>  in which the Web content is to be delivered and rendered.
>Termed Delivery Context and typically identified as a profile,
>the capabilities of the access mechanism and preferences of the user
>are a key enabler for achieving device independence.
>Based on feedback from W3C Members, we have decided to strengthen
>our Device Independence work, in particular in the area of delivery context.
>The Device Independence Working Group is currently drafting a document
>on Delivery Context Requirements.
>To define the exact direction of this work, to allow for a wide variety
>of inputs on the Device Independence Activity, and to get more people
>we are organizing a two-day workshop.
>This workshop will take place on 4-5 March 2002
>at W3C/INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.
>It is co-located with the W3C Technical Plenary.
>The more information about the W3C workshop
>on delivery context is available at :
>Best Regards,
>-- Taka
>   DI WG chair, W3C fellow / Panasonic

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