Amsterdam f2f issue 1

The following issue was raised at the Amsterdam face-to-face meeting.
This is an attempt to capture it in text, as promised in the conference
call of 11 April, 2002.

 DAML+OIL has concepts of UniqueProperty and UnambiguousProperty that
 are very useful but whose names seem to cause some confusion for
 people learning the language.  Assuming we have the same concepts in
 OWL, we should decide on names that will be intuitive or at least
 minimize confusion.  For a DAML+OIL triple (S,P,0), if P is a
 uniqueProperty then S, the subject value, uniquely identifies O, the
 object value.  If P is an UnambiguousProperty then then O determines S.

Received on Thursday, 11 April 2002 12:58:51 UTC