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Where is the "value expression language" used?

From: c64zottel . <c64zottel@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 14:17:46 +0100
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In appendix - B Data Models - one of the points which must be defined in a
data model is:

Specify the value expression language that is used as the value of the
'expr' attribute of the <data> and <assign> elements.

But the 'expr' attribute is also used in <log> <param> <content>. Since the
type in all cases is "Value expression" I assume that these tags are just
missing in appendix B. Right?

Further, "Value expression" is also used as type of the attributes
'eventexpr', 'targetexpr', 'delayexpr' and 'typeexpr' in (at least) the
<send> tag.

If these are also just missing, then the text should maybe changed into
something like:
Specify the value expression language that is used as value in a value
expression typed attribute like 'expr', 'targetexpr' or 'nameexpr'.

Since these strings are easy searchable, I would just skip the tags of
there appearance.

While we are at it, the 'location' attribute (2. bulletpoint) is also used
in <param>, <send> and <invoke>.

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