Re: An IDL for SCXML interpreters

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> Hey there,
> [explicitly bcc'ing David, Jacob and Zjnue for I know that they maintain
> SCXML implementations] - this post is pertaining to action point 1 from my
> previous mail:
> 1. An Interface Description Language (IDL) for SCXML interpreters.
> 1.1 For simple life-cycle and interpretation of state-charts.
> 1.2 A set of hooks for (on-line) visualisation.
> 1.3 A set of hooks for (on-line) modelling / debugging.
> For now, I'd like to focus on point 1.1, but we ought to keep the others
> in mind and maybe eventually extend our ambitions. At least 1.2 is very
> useful as it would allow or a common visualisation. I hereby propose a
> first sketch for an Interface Description Language (IDL) for SCXML (see
> below). It will only allow to instantiate interpreters, run them and
> deliver events. A typical session would look like this:

Hi everyone,

First off, Happy New Year to everyone here and hope it is a remarkable one
for SCXML!

Secondly, huge apologies for the long silence, especially after explicit
inclusion in this very interesting conversation and topic. It was purely
circumstantial and hope it did not cause any offense or slow down these
noble and important efforts towards interoperability.

> // central place to get interpreter instances
> interface Implementation {
> Interpreter fromURI(in String uri) raises(Exception);
> Interpreter fromXML(in String xmlString) raises(Exception);
> Interpreter fromDOM(in Node scxmlRoot) raises(Exception);
> }

While even more rusty on the subject now than before, the one aspect of an
IDL I did have to consider with some of my system targets was how to define
the arguments for the process. For say the cpp process, hscxml_cpp, the
arguments could be specified after a -src, -content, etc, therefore using
similar semantics to the interface proposed above. Yet, it would be good to
know the agreed definition for such system process input, so that one could
test drop-in replacements.

All for now I'm afraid, hope to get back onto these interesting subjects.

Much appreciation for and fun and success with all the efforts!

Best regards,

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