Re: Where is the "value expression language" used?

Since the SCXML specification is a Recommendation, it can no longer be 
edited, particularly since the Voice Browser Group has been closed.  
However if/when we decide to post an errata page, we can include these 

- Jim

On 1/13/2016 8:17 AM, c64zottel . wrote:
> Hello,
> In appendix- B Data Models - one of the points which must be defined 
> in a data model is:
> Specify the value expression language that is used as the value of the 
> 'expr' attribute of the <data> and <assign> elements.
> But the 'expr' attribute is also used in <log> <param> <content>. 
> Since the type in all cases is "Value expression" I assume that these 
> tags are just missing in appendix B. Right?
> Further, "Value expression" is also used as type of the attributes 
> 'eventexpr', 'targetexpr', 'delayexpr' and 'typeexpr' in (at least) 
> the <send> tag.
> If these are also just missing, then the text should maybe changed 
> into something like:
> Specify the value expression language that is used as value in a value 
> expression typed attribute like 'expr', 'targetexpr' or 'nameexpr'.
> Since these strings are easy searchable, I would just skip the tags of 
> there appearance.
> While we are at it, the 'location' attribute (2. bulletpoint) is also 
> used in <param>, <send> and <invoke>.
> Regards.

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