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W3C Workshop on Conversational Applications Kazuyuki Ashimura (Sunday, 7 March)

[voicexml30] fifth WD of VoiceXML 3.0 has been published Kazuyuki Ashimura (Thursday, 4 March)

W3C Project review: Voice on the Web Kazuyuki Ashimura (Thursday, 4 March)

SSML 1.1 is published as a Proposed Recommendation Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 23 February)

Proper use of language tags Dan Burnett (Monday, 1 February)

SCXML: algorithm may "forget" to start invoke DOLECEK Ales (Tuesday, 26 January)

SCXML: interpretation algorithm DOLECEK Ales (Monday, 25 January)

[VXML 2.0] : <subdialog> handling in final processing state Puneet Sharma (Wednesday, 20 January)

discuss pronunciation registration with i18n? Phillips, Addison (Tuesday, 12 January)

Re: [scxml] sixth WD of SCXML is published Jim Barnett (Thursday, 7 January)

Call for proposals for SpeechTEK 2010 due January 19, 2010 James Larson (Monday, 4 January)

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