Re: Comments about SSML from ITS WG

Dear Jirka (and ITS WG),

Thank you for your further comment.

Resolution:  Accepted
Explanation:  We agree with you and have decided to adjust our  
schemas to allow attributes from non-SSML namespaces to occur on all  
SSML 1.1 elements and to allow elements from non-SSML namespaces to  
occur as children of any SSML 1.1 element.

If you accept our resolutions on this issue (your original Problem 1)  
and on your original Problem 2, can you please reply indicating that  
you accept our resolutions?
If we do not hear from you within two weeks of today we will assume  
that you have accepted our resolutions.

Because we are trying to publish the Candidate Recommendation before  
the publishing moratorium in October, I humbly request that you reply  
by Monday, 29 September, if at all possible.  Although you do have  
the full two weeks to reply if you need it, it would help us  
tremendously if you could provide us with a reply by Monday.

Dan Burnett
SSML 1.1 Co-Editor
Voice Browser Working Group

On Sep 20, 2008, at 3:09 PM, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Dan Burnett wrote:
> Hi Dan, thank you for your response. Please find bellow one addtional
> question.
>>> SSML should allow foreign attributes on any SSML element. Ideally  
>>> such
>>> possibility will not be mentioned only in prose of spec, but also  
>>> XML
>>> schema will specify this using xs:anyAttribute (and similarly by
>>> xs:any for elements).
>> DB>> Resolution:  Accepted with modifications
>> DB>> Explanation:  We agree that non-SSML attributes should be  
>> permitted
>> in the same way that non
>> DB>> SSML elements are permitted, and in fact the other  
>> subsections of
>> 2.2 describe this in detail.  We
>> DB>> will extend the text in 2.2.3 to indicate that attributes are  
>> also
>> allowed.  However, your request to
>> DB>> allow ITS attributes does not, in our opinion, introduce any  
>> more
>> need to generalize the Schema
>> DB>> than was already present in SSML 1.0 (and hence 1.1).  We  
>> believe
>> that converting the Schema
>> DB>> to use xs:anyAttribute and xs:any would trivialize the  
>> Schema.  We
>> do not plan to change the
>> DB>> Schema.
> But if my understanding of SSML spec is correct, without change to
> schema SSML documents with foreign elements/attributes will be always
> non-conforming, becuse in sections and validity  
> against
> schema is one of conformance criterias. And if schema doesn't permit
> foreign elements/attributes, then such document will be invalid, and
> thus non-conforming. However, I'm not sure if this is true intent of
> specification.
> Maybe, if you do not want to change schema, you can say that foreign
> elements/attributes are stripped from conforming SSML document before
> validation.
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