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Dan Burnett wrote:

Hi Dan, thank you for your response. Please find bellow one addtional

>> SSML should allow foreign attributes on any SSML element. Ideally such
>> possibility will not be mentioned only in prose of spec, but also XML
>> schema will specify this using xs:anyAttribute (and similarly by
>> xs:any for elements).
> DB>> Resolution:  Accepted with modifications
> DB>> Explanation:  We agree that non-SSML attributes should be permitted
> in the same way that non
> DB>> SSML elements are permitted, and in fact the other subsections of
> 2.2 describe this in detail.  We
> DB>> will extend the text in 2.2.3 to indicate that attributes are also
> allowed.  However, your request to
> DB>> allow ITS attributes does not, in our opinion, introduce any more
> need to generalize the Schema
> DB>> than was already present in SSML 1.0 (and hence 1.1).  We believe
> that converting the Schema
> DB>> to use xs:anyAttribute and xs:any would trivialize the Schema.  We
> do not plan to change the
> DB>> Schema.

But if my understanding of SSML spec is correct, without change to
schema SSML documents with foreign elements/attributes will be always
non-conforming, becuse in sections and validity against
schema is one of conformance criterias. And if schema doesn't permit
foreign elements/attributes, then such document will be invalid, and
thus non-conforming. However, I'm not sure if this is true intent of

Maybe, if you do not want to change schema, you can say that foreign
elements/attributes are stripped from conforming SSML document before


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