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This is being tracked as ISSUE-525. Thanks for the feedback and we  
will have an answer for you shortly.

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On May 30, 2008, at 1:23 PM, Sanders, Derek (Derek) wrote:

> The January 19th, 2007 CCXML Working Draft is not very clear on how  
> implicit bridge teardowns resulting from a <join> should be  
> handled.  Section 10.4.1 shows all of the possible outcomes of a  
> <join> tag.  Some of these examples require a full or partial  
> teardown of an existing bridge.  The spec does not state if a  
> ‘conference.unjoined’ event should be generated when this occurs.   
> It does state in section 10.6.14 that if a connection is dropped (as  
> in a merge, disconnect, etc.), then the appropriate  
> ‘conference.unjoined’ event(s) should be sent.  It may be an easy  
> assumption that ANY implicit bridge teardowns should result in a  
> ‘conference.unjoined’ event, but what about partial teardowns?  It  
> starts to get a little more complicated there.  Is it enough to just  
> update the connection state variables when bridges change as a  
> result of a <join>?
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