Re: <disconnect/> on outbound call - ISSUE-524


We are tracking this as ISSUE-524. Thanks for the comment, we will  
have a reply back wit a fix shortly.


On May 13, 2008, at 3:40 AM, Rethish wrote:

> Hi,
>  I find some ambiguity in the CCXML specification regarding the  
> nature of <disconnect/> handling while an outbound call is in  
> progress.
> 10.2.1: Connection State:
>     The figure illustrates that a connection.disconnected in  
> PROGRESSING state transitions to FAILED state.
>     But, the table below this mentions that a  
> connection.disconnected is received for an outbound call in progress  
> when the <createcall> request was abandoned at the request of the  
> application (using <disconnect>). "The Connection Object transitions  
> to the DISCONNECTED state."
> Is there any other case where a connection.disconnected can be  
> received while an outbound call is in progress that would lead to  
> FAILED state?
> 10.5.9: <disconnect> mentions:
> A CCXML document may use <disconnect> to abandon an outbound  
> connection created using <createcall> which has not yet entered the  
> CONNECTED state.  If <disconnect> is used to abandon an outbound  
> call, it results in the generation of a 'connection.failed' event.
> IMHO the handling of <disconnect/> contradicts each other in the two  
> sections. Please let me know your opinion on   this.
> Thanks & regards
> Rethish

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