Re: Notes for PLS


Many thanks for the two proposed notes in [1], regarding R106-4 and


About R106-4:

We regret that we cannot use the proposed text as written. We are
uncomfortable adding guidelines without full agreeing with or even
understanding how they were derived. Without a stable public 
reference, we cannot reference the Scalable Language API in a W3C
specification without it.
If you can send us a stable public reference by Friday August
24th, we will be happy to consider it.

Here is the informative text that we will add as an Informative
Note in the PLS specification:

When IPA symbols are used to represent the phonemes of a language, 
there can be an ambiguity concerning which allophonic symbol to select
to represent a phoneme. Note that this may result in inconsistencies 
between lexicons which were composed for the identical language.


About R106-3:

We are discussing it and we will return you feedbacks by
the end of August.


Many thanks, for your support to PLS specification activity.

Best regards,
Paolo Baggia, editor PLS specification

Gruppo Telecom Italia - Direzione e coordinamento di Telecom Italia S.p.A.

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