Re: VXML2.0 spec question

Hi David,

It seems that nobody reacted to your question so far. Let me be the first one.

The VoiceXML 2.0 specification says that "the <value> element is used to
insert the value of an expression into a prompt." It does not define what
value of an expression is. Our VoiceXML platform OptimTalk uses a natural
approach - it evaluates the expression first and then converts the result
to a string. Thus your script produces the following output: "undefined
undefined values throw errors".

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David Nicol wrote:

> error.semantic
>    A run-time error was found in the VoiceXML document, e.g.
> substring bounds error, or an undefined variable was referenced.
> Is that supposed to say "undeclared?"
> <vxml xmlns="" version = "2.1">
> <form>
> <block>
> <prompt>
>   undefined
>   <value  expr="undefined"/>
>   values do not throw errors
> </prompt>
> </block>
> <catch event="error.semantic">
>   values throw errors
> </catch>
> </form>
> </vxml>
> My reading of the spec is that the above dialog would say "undefined
> values throw errors"
> is that correct? OpenVXI3.4 treats it as an empty string.

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