[scxml] newbie questions on Executable Content


I've got an existing state machine engine that runs a home-grown
non-xml language and I'm exploring converting it to run SCXML.

I'm trying to understand the range of allowable Executable Content
(EC).  Basically, is EC meant to be flexible enough to allow any
language?  Any XML language?

What is the EC language shown in section F.2?  In section C?
What is allowed as the child of an <if> ?  As the cond= value
of an <if> ?

I see Custom Action Element examples like <ccxml:accept ....>.
So this form is used for explicit references to XML languages.
Otherwise EC content is anything???

(By the way, xmlns:prefix is specified for <send> but the examples
show it in other elements.)

Is EcmaScript (compact profile) support really a MUST?
While EC in general is anything??

Is an update still planned for November?


Received on Monday, 16 October 2006 18:46:07 UTC