Re: SCXML specifications

Hello Jo,

<quote>I shall also attempt to establish a working prototype reasonably
to test the ideas, and would like to know if you know of people who are
trying primitive implementations already.

We have an open source implementation of  SCXML  in the Apache Commons
distribution ( The open
source project follows very closely the W3C SCXML specification though you
might find some constructs not yet implemented. You're more then welcome to
download the source and use it, the codebase should provide you with the
state engine, a mechanism to consume SCXML files, and  the necessary
interfaces to hook the SCXML state engine to your application.  The link
listed above will provide you with more information about the Apache
Commons SCXML engine.

We have recently added the ability to define your own custom actions inside
SCXML in case you want to prototype what Jim was referring to in his
response. The custom actions addition has recently been posted to the
Apache Commons mailing list; you can find out more about this at

If you have any questions/comments about the codebase itself, please feel
free to post them to the Apache Commons mailing lists

I hope this helps,

--- rafah

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Received on Thursday, 2 March 2006 20:42:37 UTC