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Voxpilot's Implementation Report for SSML 1.0 Dave Burke (Tuesday, 30 March)

Comments to VoiceXML 2.1 Teemu Tingander (Monday, 29 March)

xml:lang inherited from root doc? Robert Barkan (Wednesday, 24 March)

First Working Draft of VoiceXML 2.1 published Max Froumentin (Tuesday, 23 March)

publication of 1st working draft for VoiceXML 2.1 Dave Raggett (Tuesday, 23 March)

clarification vxml 2.0 janine graves (Saturday, 20 March)

Question? Thank you. lunpat@webtv.net (Friday, 19 March)

Mixed initiative - complete solution - pattern? Royles, Chris (Thursday, 18 March)

Evidently someone is confused as to what "barge in" means. Sturtevant Dean (Wednesday, 10 March)

Death of CCXML? raj@phonologies.com (Friday, 5 March)

[SSML-IR] ScanSoft SSML Implementation Report Van Tichelen, Luc (Thursday, 4 March)

Comments for PR-voicexml20-20040203 Susan Lesch (Sunday, 29 February)

CONGRATULATIONS interlottery@iname.com (Saturday, 28 February)

How to know the termchar in a <field> input Deusdit Correa Cornejo (Thursday, 26 February)

Comments for CR-speech-synthesis-20031218 Susan Lesch (Thursday, 19 February)

Neutral gender? Roopa Trivedi (Thursday, 19 February)

[SSML-IR] - France Telecom SSML Implementation Report HINARD Edouard FTRD/DIH/LAN (Wednesday, 18 February)

[SSML-IR] - Loquendo SSML Implementation Report Ricotti Laura (Wednesday, 18 February)

Free Open Source VXML Interpreter Ramin Nikaeen (Thursday, 12 February)

Comments about Speech Synthesis Markup Language Descamps David (Wednesday, 11 February)

IR test suite question regarding parse time errors Brian P. Davis (Tuesday, 10 February)

regards deploy of vxml? rajiv chambra (Monday, 9 February)

Change request to <transfer/> tag Teemu Tingander (Tuesday, 10 February)

[VxML 2.0] Submit namelist restriction when working with ECMAScri pt objects Royles, Chris (Friday, 6 February)

continuous speech recognition - open-source Susan R. Cragin (Thursday, 5 February)

VoiceXML and Servlets problem plan@ait.gr (Thursday, 5 February)

Comments for PR-speech-grammar-20031218 Susan Lesch (Monday, 2 February)

Re: petition to ask the committee to include speaker authentication in Version 3 Jim Larson (Thursday, 29 January)

It's Not A Question Of IF...But When! Will Smith (Tuesday, 27 January)

Your Ship Has Come In! This Time You Are Not At The Airport! Will Smith (Sunday, 25 January)

RE: help in Nuance voice web server Blagovest Dachev (Friday, 23 January)

SSML 1.0 Implementation Report Plan Updated Baggia Paolo (Wednesday, 21 January)

Please Join My Superb Yahoo Forums! Will Smith (Tuesday, 20 January)

Relative Pitch change in Hz or st through voice change david.descamps-be (Tuesday, 20 January)

Baseline and Relative Prosodic Attributes david.descamps-be (Tuesday, 20 January)

need help...... Rakshaka Reddy (Tuesday, 20 January)

Question of interpretation on caching policies Wayne Phillips (Thursday, 8 January)

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