Re: "count" attribute in catch?

More questions... in "5.2.2 Catch", the "count" attribute...

      .... Each <form>, <menu> and form item maintains a counter for
      each event that occurs while it is being visited; these counters
      are reset each time the <menu> or form item's <form> is

Is the event counter incremented in all scopes or only up to the level
where catch occurs?

      E.g., if a form catch is the "best" catch for particular event,
      does the counter for this event increment at document scope or

      Or, otherway, if document level matches best, is the counter
      incremented in the inner levels (form, form item)? (at least
      this would seem logical)

As event count can cleared for field items, or gets cleared on
entering the form, it can happen that

      document "some.event" count = 3;
      form "some.event" count = 1;

and, if event does not increment count on all levels, it can also
happen (outer scope count < inner scope count)

      document "some.event" count = 1;
      form "some.event" count = 3;

So, the count to be used in matching the catch elements "count"
attribute is not constant when event is thrown, but depends on the
scope where the catch element is? Or, is it the count at the scope
where the throw occurs (e.g. in latter case, if throw originates at
form scope, the count is "3" also when testing the document level

I'm not saying this is incorrectly defined, just pointing out that
things may get fairly complex, and definitions would need some
clarifications, at least for me... :-)

Received on Friday, 14 December 2001 08:39:26 UTC