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thank you for your comments on VoiceXML 2.0. We will discuss your
comments at our face2face meeting in early December and get back to you
with a response.

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Subject: Prompt counting question

Hi. While reading spec 2.0 I found following "problem". 
	--> Taken form W3C VoiceXML 2.0 draft
	in chapter 4.1.6
	"Each form item and each menu has an internal prompt counter
that is
reset to one each time the form or menu is entered. Whenever the system
a prompt, its associated prompt counter is incremented. This is the
mechanism supporting tapered prompts."
So the question is : 
Are prompt counts maintained for <form/> and <menu/> elements only or
they maintainded for each <*form item*> - specified in chapter 2.1.2  ?
 If we are working like in events; Counters are reseted when entering
<form/> or <menu/>  and we have individual counter for each <*form
item*> ,
but initial uses <form/>s counters. This is right? 
So does this mean that when  <goto item="this" /> occurs in field "that"
while field "this" has prompt counter 3 the prompt that has count 3 is
selected. So entering <field name="this">..</field> does not reset
So returning to  <*form item*> that has prompted something before
<*form item*>s prompt count and allows us to do "tapared prompting",
yeah ? 
	Teemu Tingander
	Espoo, Finland

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