Questions from a novice

I have recently been exploring vxml and how I can use it.  I work with
people who have special needs such as the blind.  They use a computer
via sound from a voice synthesizer.  One problem is the
synthesized human voice lacks variation.  There are some
controls which allow changing the gender of the speaker, but little
fine control of expression.  From what I have read, vxml will allow
you to markup the text message and include changes in pitch and timbre
and so, control the tone of voice of the text message.

Is this one of the capabilities of vxml?

I assume that speech recognition hardware/software will evolve so that
ultimately I can speak into the computer and produce vxml where the
message is marked up with my personal tone of voice, inflections, etc?
The person who opens that file will hear it in the tone of voice of
the sender.

Is my understanding correct?

I agree there must be standards, but I have neither the
background or inclination to develop them.  I would like to know
however, how these standards will affect me as the end user?

I have read on this list differences of opinion as to which are the
appropriate standards.  What will these differences mean to an end

Thanks for your help.


Received on Friday, 23 November 2001 13:06:31 UTC