RE: database reading through voiceXML

Do you have a compelling reason to put data base access in your markup?

How would you handle errors.  For example, if we look at your markup below,
what happens if there is no "account" table?  What if the "balance" column
has text?  What if the data source is down?

While the "happy path" looks a lot easier to code in-line, the "reality
path" (to me) dictates doing the data base lookup on the application server.

I'm open to dissenting views...

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Subject: database reading through voiceXML

Are there any tags in voiceXML that can make program read data from database
by generating the queries dynamically?
If yes then what are those tags?
If no then is it possible to have customized tags (say "dbread") in
voiceXML? viz.
Your account balance is <dbread table='account' field='balance'/>

Is this feasible? OR we have to always submit to next asp or jsp or whatever
and generate the vxml with account balance information dynamically?
If it is feasible then...
do the vxml interpreters available today can support customizable tags? Like
if a custom tag is found the interpreter should hand over the control to the
application to take necessary actions.



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