Re: Plea for help!

On December  7, you (Charles Petrie) wrote
:> > Can we please split this mailing list into two lists? I propose
:> > the "www-vlib" and "www-vlib-announce" paradigm, where the
:> > latter is a superset of the former, and is for important messages
:> > only. www-vlib would be for statistics, discussions, whatever.
:> > 
:> > >From someone who already gets too much mail.
:> > 
:> > AdamM
:> > (Dance)
:> > 
:> > 
:>I strongly recommend this action. In particular, I simply don't
:>have time right now for all of the "usage" discussion and the 
:>messages it generates.
:> cp
:>Stanford Center for Design Research

Charles, the split has already been done!

To be removed from www-vlib, just send a mail to
with the body:

For those who want www-vlib to be open, how far should we go ?

1/ we don't announce it. It's just open to new subscriptions
2/ I announce it only in

3/ We announce it in several other pages, such as

4/ We announce it even more! Sending an email to (2 800 subscribers),
or net-happenings, a few selected newsgroups...

I think if we take solution 4, we need to have a moderator. Someone
volunteers ? (Otherways, I will do it, as I already moderate


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