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Re: Plea for help!

From: Charles Petrie <petrie@cdr.stanford.edu>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 8:37:24 PST
To: www-vlib@www0.cern.ch
Message-Id: <CMM.0.88.786818244.petrie@bimini.stanford.edu>
 > Can we please split this mailing list into two lists? I propose
 > the "www-vlib" and "www-vlib-announce" paradigm, where the
 > latter is a superset of the former, and is for important messages
 > only. www-vlib would be for statistics, discussions, whatever.
 > >From someone who already gets too much mail.
 > AdamM
 > (Dance)
I strongly recommend this action. In particular, I simply don't
have time right now for all of the "usage" discussion and the 
messages it generates.

Stanford Center for Design Research
WWW URL http://cdr.stanford.edu/ 
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