Validator Api Problem On IIS

I installed w3 validator on windows 7 and iis 7.5. 

Everything is ok while using html gui with browser. However, I call
validator in c# code 

like http//.../, protocol error

Because, I think pl extension of file. Header is 

and content of file is xml.


(In order to validator work no IIS, I had to changed check file name to


How can I handle this error on IIS or may be change line 820 in
Unfortunately, I do not know perl.

print Encode::encode('UTF-8', $template->output);


Sample code below:


        public static void Validate()


                        string url =
"http://localhost/HtmlValidator/htdocs/" +
"" + "&output=soap12";

                        XDocument urlDocument = XDocument.Load(url);





        static void Main(string[] args)





Received on Sunday, 28 November 2010 14:58:03 UTC