Re: [VE][65] Add Subject Here

> Validating
> Error [65]: "document type does not allow element X here; missing one of Y
> start-tag"
> I don't understand what is not good here.

An anchor element (“a”) cannot contain other anchor elements; just
“merge” respective links, they seem to point to the same destination

In the case you’re referring to, the following would make both the
“document type does not allow element "a" here” and, as David already
pointed out, “"onload" exists, but can not be used for this element”
messages disappear:

<a href=""
target="_blank" rel="gallery.posts"><img
border="0" alt="Click the image to open in full size."
class="tcattdimgresizer" /></a><br />

As a bonus, maybe you don’t need @target and @border, can improve the
@alt text, and come up with a more understandable and maintainable
class name [1] (feel free to follow up off-thread if you need any
advice on that).


Jens Meiert

Received on Sunday, 3 May 2009 09:29:02 UTC