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On Fri, 01 May 2009 16:54:58 +0200
Came this utterance formulated by Joop Nijenhuis to my mailbox:

> Hello,
> Trying hard to get html-pages correct coded, but I have a hard time.
> Your program keeps on bashing and at the moment I think its all to do
> with interpreting and translation errors. Its nice to say its wrong,
> but in its present state you get nowhere. It might be a big help if
> you can go from the errpr through the rules on which you based YOUR
> program. Saying that its not allowed and that something is missing or
> wrong while other often nationalised "papers" do say its allowed keeps
> us going nowhere.

I don't understand 'nationalised "papers"'?

Many common use elements and attributes are not recommended HTML, ie
your scrolling attribute you raised. All the technical reports are here.

This mailing list is not here to teach you to write correct code. Other
websites and tutorials can do that better.

> All in all, nice try, but for non native English speakers your site
> sucks, sorry.

I wont get offended by this comment, i can see it stems from
frustration. Regarding translations, your help would be appreciated:

> On the other site, why does my Browser (FF latest) doesn't have any
> problem with my code and your checker does? 

Browsers are trying to work with the internet "as it is" as well as with
correct HTML code. Browsers have a fall-back mode called quirks mode
where they will try to make a webpage work even if it is not fully
compliant. If you research this you may see that Firefox is in quirks
mode instead of strict mode on your page.


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