Re: Role of DTDs in the validator

olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Dean Edridge asked a good question (tantamount to “why not just use 
> and scrap the rest”)

That's not quite how I put it, but never mind :-)
You could still use some of the other software if needed.

> to which I answered:
> [[ The engine is a wonderful piece of software, in many 
> ways superior to the other engines which uses. 
> However, IMHO is neither stable enough (see e.g 
> ) 
> nor flexible enough (limited number of profiles,

It seems to support a few diffirent profiles already.

> no DTD support for legacy HTML, etc) nor usable enough (bare bone UI 
> and limited message explanations, no file upload, no direct input

Can't you use the interface that Henri is using at It has 
a file upload, and direct input that already works for (X)HTML5, plus 
(X)HTML4 etc (aka HTML4/XHTML1), this is one of the main reasons why I 
have always thought that the should be put up front.

It also allows people to validate XHTML5 pages using namespaces other 
than the three common XHTML, SVG and MATHML namespaces. Given that these 
features aren't currently available for (X)HTML5 on the W3C's validator, 
and would be difficult to replicate without major work, the possibility 
of a front-end may be worthy of further consideration.

Dean Edridge

Received on Monday, 23 March 2009 07:18:13 UTC