body-tag with non-existing attributes error in HTML5 validation


I'd like to report a possible bug in the experimental HTML5-checker:  
Very often I get the following error since I moved to HTML 5:

Line 15, Column 5: Attribute name not allowed on element body at this  
Element-specific attributes for element body:None.
You don't need to explain the meaning of this error message, that's  
perfectly clear (although there is nothing to complain about in my  
code: no attributes within my body tag). The strange thing is that  
after trying different things, stripping down the code to its  
essential, re-encoding in different formats, line endings etc, the  
error message suddenly and unexpectedly disappears, and even stranger,  
the original file would pass the HTML5 check without any error (as I  
was hoping for :-) ).

This error normally causes further errors to occur, mostly within the  
tbody-tag. Maybe this is an encoding error. My files are encrypted in  
utf-8 (which is detected automatically right) and I'm working on a  
Mac, my pages run on a LAMP configuration. No matter from where I try,  
the error keeps coming up until after about 5 - 10 validations.

This is just an information note but feel free to reply. Greetings

Received on Sunday, 22 March 2009 14:04:33 UTC