Re: body-tag with non-existing attributes error in HTML5 validation

Hi Tobias,
On 22-Mar-09, at 6:44 AM, Tobias Stamm wrote:
> I'd like to report a possible bug in the experimental HTML5-checker:  
> Very often I get the following error since I moved to HTML 5:
> Line 15, Column 5: Attribute name not allowed on element body at  
> this point..
> <body>
> Element-specific attributes for element body:None.
> ---
> You don't need to explain the meaning of this error message, that's  
> perfectly clear (although there is nothing to complain about in my  
> code: no attributes within my body tag).

I've seen this happen a few times, strangely indeed: the html5 engine  
will complain about markup that isn't there. Very puzzling. Generally,  
restarting the html5 engine does the trick. I did that just now: can  
you check whether the issue still happens?

Henri, is this an issue you have encountered in the past? If not,  
maybe the stack trace on could help understand the  


Received on Sunday, 22 March 2009 22:09:20 UTC