Re: HTML5 Draft Spec confuses the validator and lets it quit

Sierk Bornemann wrote:
> I tried it yesterday evening, after I have read a 
> complaint in a public forum of a public german news
> site.

LOL, they could aim higher with their HTML5 flames ;-)
I preferred "javascript-URLs" for my two cheap shots.

> A load balancing problem, if it is not sure, which
> server of thepublic release version can answer the
> request stable?

The list of validators today is apparently "lovejoy"
and "jessica" (hm, I miss the JP mirror):

"" says "software error".
"" says "software error".  Arrghh :-(

Checking the list archive for the JP incarnation,
"" doesn't exist at the moment.


Received on Thursday, 24 January 2008 13:23:36 UTC