Re: HTML5 Draft Spec confuses the validator and lets it quit

On Jan 24, 2008, at 22:23 , Frank Ellermann wrote:
> Sierk Bornemann wrote:
>> I tried it yesterday evening, after I have read a
>> complaint in a public forum of a public german news
>> site.
> LOL, they could aim higher with their HTML5 flames ;-)

indeed. I was actually expecting more of "why don't html5 documents  
pass the markup validator" than people trying to find markup errors in  
the spec. I've seen better in the realm of constructive criticism…  
FWIW, validating is one point in a looong checklist all documents  
published into must pass before publication.

The html5 spec passes, but the document is so huge I suspect it can  
trigger some timeout mechanisms if the server is a little overloaded.  
It passes now on both production servers, so it definitely looks load- 

> Checking the list archive for the JP incarnation,
> "" doesn't exist at the moment.

Right. Since the other two servers were upgraded to much more powerful  
machines and since the network link to was rather  
poor, we retired it.


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