Re: proposal to have sequential / grouped messages in soap output


There seem to be two distinct questions here:
1.)  What grouping(s) should be permitted?
2.)  What is acceptable with regard to backwards compatibility?

I'll start with the 2nd question.  Since your documentation lists this the
SOAP interface as more of an "alpha/beta" product, I am OK with a clean
break to make both web and SOAP interfaces share the same defaults.  That
said, I don't want anybody making my app obsolete in the future, either.

So, is it possible to leave the current SOAP 1.2 engine live and give
current output to any app requesting output="soap12" and make the changes
available via output="soap13"?  That would be the best of all worlds.

By the way, you state that:

olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Now... this is the tricky part. In the user interface we have a  
> group= parameter.
> * if group=0 the sequential mode is in effect
> * if group=1 the grouped mode is in effect
> * in the html output, if the group parameter is not given the default  
> is sequential mode
> * in the soap output the current "default" and only mode is grouped.

I don't think that this is correct as the 'grouped' mode for the web api
groups all errors or warnings of the same 'type' (message id, really) but a
group of errors can be followed by a group of warnings or vice versa.

In the default output for the soap api, all errors (ordered sequentially by
occurrence) and all warnings (ordered sequentially by occurrence) are
segregated into separate containers.  This seems like a third (more useless)
mode that is its own creation -- closest to sequential mode of the web api
if anything.

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