Re: proposal to have sequential / grouped messages in soap output

On Oct 17, 2007, at 14:39 , Chris. wrote:
> I firmly believe that we need to do away with errorlist and  
> warninglist in favor of a general messagelist
Please re-read my original message: this is *precisely* what I was  
suggesting for the sequential output.

I also read interesting ideas for a "real" grouped output. That's great.

But that means we have a lot of choices:

1) Should the SOAP output have a real sequential mode, including  
error, warnings and info messages as they happen?
I believe "yes"

2) Should the SOAP output do away with its current format (grouping  
errors together, warnings together)?
This is unsure. On the one hand, it's not great, on the other hand,  
killing it would break existing implementations

3) Should the SOAP output have a "real" grouped output, with all  
messages of the same type grouped together?
Not necessarily. People building apps on top of the API can make the  
grouping themselves. That said it's easy to make it happen in the  
validator's templates.

The "imperfect but backward compatible" solution would be the one I  
suggested in the first message of this thread.

A better, possibly more disruptive solution would be to
* deprecate the current soap output (keeping it as a default for the  
next release)
* build a new version (from scratch if necessary, although reusing  
the work done in the w3c validator, as well as Henri's[1], would be a  
good idea) of the API
* find a parameter to trigger one or the other


Henri, would you be interested in merging the two outputs together?


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