Re: proposal to have sequential / grouped messages in soap output

On 10/17/07, Chris. <> wrote:

> I don't think that this is correct as the 'grouped' mode for the web api
> groups all errors or warnings of the same 'type' (message id, really) but a
> group of errors can be followed by a group of warnings or vice versa.

Thank you Chris ! I was lost and pulling my hair ; how come
I don't see that it's "grouped"...

In fact, I too don't think it's a grouped mode of output, or at least
not the same as the html one.

A grouped soap response would be something like:

        no document type declaration; implying &quot;&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML
   <m:explanation> ...</m:explanation>


Where <m:error> is a direct child of <m:errorlist> of
the surrent implementation.

(Do the same thing for warnings)

This way, we can group similar errors/warnings and be able
to retrieve ALL positions where they occured.

> In the default output for the soap api, all errors (ordered sequentially by
> occurrence) and all warnings (ordered sequentially by occurrence) are
> segregated into separate containers.  This seems like a third (more useless)
> mode that is its own creation -- closest to sequential mode of the web api
> if anything.

Why useless? :)

I do use it myself, and have no problem with it... or maybe just the
redundancy in messages and explanations in the output.
But my app is living well with it ;-)

If you change that, all my work (a hard work) will be vain :(
So, please, keep it that way, and add a second template
and a second way of generating output using this template...

Thank you! :)

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Received on Wednesday, 17 October 2007 15:19:13 UTC