Re: Some suggestions for the SOAP api

Hi Chris, all.

On Oct 11, 2007, at 09:00 , Chris Parrish wrote:
> Bummer.  Well, as a compromise, are the explanation messages (in HTML)
> separate from the helpwanted links?

Yes, they are, the helpwanted could indeed be removed altogether from  
soap output.

Regarding your suggestions for the output, things like:
>   <m:explanationparagraphtext>
... sound a bit overkill. What's the gain between this and a <p>?

As you write elsewhere:
> Yes, it is repetitive, and in many cases (including mine) one could  
> use the
> html version just fine.
>  what if they change the messages and their markup?  If your app  
> was critical enough, you'd have a problem and maybe not even know it.

If the soap markup is generated from the message, and the messages  
change, the soap output would change, too.


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