Re: Mixed Feelings on the 0.8.2 Source Code TextArea

Hey Chris,

On 10/11/07, Chris. <> wrote:
> Not sure what I think about the new textarea with the source code.  It kind
> of gets in the way of the validation...
> Could we move that thing to the bottom of the doc (or just before the source
> listing)?  I only care about editing the source code AFTER figuring out
> what's needed first.
> Or could we opt to turn it off as part of the page request?  I am posting to
> the validator directly from an HTML editor so I'd rather make my changes in
> my fancy editor with all its tools than to use a textbox.
> It's  a nice thought for those that want it -- I just want it out of the way
> of the validation info.  Sorry to be so picky.

This was a usability improvement which helps the workflow for
validating direct input. Previously there was no way to 'try again' on
the results page. The user would have to hit the back button before
they could attempt validation again.

I think the majority of the users which use the direct input form are
browsing to the site and pasting in contents. Most likely they are not
using a workflow which integrates with an editor that posts to the

But, to aide your own workflow... I would use Firefox, with an
extension like Stylish [1]  which allows you to use custom css on a
website. With this you can easily specify on  #fragment {height:2em;} to get it 'out
of the way of the validation info.'

Or, you could post to to jump to
the validation results.


-Brett Bieber aim:ianswerq

Received on Friday, 12 October 2007 13:36:05 UTC