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Im not sure if it will help,    is a link to a web site with a universal translator.I tryed the thing to translate letters , it does work but seemed to be to be on the complicated side.If it helps great, if not hey I thought Id let ya know it exists and possibly it could help in the future.

Karl Dubost <> wrote: 

Le 13 juin 2007 à 19:55, AliReza Samar a écrit :
> i want w3c html validator to translate to persian.
> please help me how can i buy this validator.

1. Do you want the User Interface of the validator to be in Persian?
The Markup Validator has in its plan to provide multilingual UIs 
as we do for the CSS validator. See
btw we don't have a persian UI for the CSS validator but if you 
want to become the creator/maintainer of the persian version. Your 
contribution will be welcome.

2. Do you want an automatic translator from one language to persian?
Unfortunately google doesn't have automatic translation in Persian.
Maybe there are tools out there somewhere.

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