Re: Support of Charcter encoding BIG5-HKSCS was disappear.


> Thanks a lot for these test cases. They do help a lot.

You're welcome! I am glad that they can help :)

> Great. After a fix to the validator code, it validates fine.
> The encoding is indeed supported, as I thought, it was just not  
> listed as supported.


Thanks! However, "big5-hkscs" is not yet listed in the encoding selection list on the validation page. I think "big5-hkscs" should be added there.

> I suppose that IE here does some kind of error recovery, figuring out  
> that if is not actually Big5. This is the kind of heuristic I'm not  
> sure is easy to do. Would you agree that this case *is* an error?

I agree that that is an error. I think IE always decode Big5 pages as Big5-HKSCS.


Received on Thursday, 19 July 2007 04:28:29 UTC